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Evacuation Systems

Evacuation Systems

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Portable Emergency Evacuation Utilized in US School Districts

Students are back in school..


Evacuation procedures as well as public safety, should always be a concern. We remind all public school systems the importance of making sure all occupants can escape any emergency situation in a safe and orderly manner. This is more prevalent in multi-story school buildings.

Anyone can become incapacitated in an emergency and need assistance exiting a multi-story building. Young people can develop anxiety attacks, someone recovering from an injury or recent surgery recovery and might not be able to negotiate stairs that day, or a senior citizen may be unsteady on her/his feet. The Evacuation Assistance Chair  simply unfolds and can ferry a person to safety in a relaxed undertone.

For more information about the Evacuation Systems,
visit Stair Chair or contact us at:  (516) 502-4240 or sales@evac-chair.com.


The Evac+Chair® was developed in 1982 and is the worldwide industry standard in lightweight, portable evacuation chairs. Today the company sells internationally to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities, and residential and commercial high-rise buildings—any multi-story building where any tenant or occupant who needs help for any reason can get down the stairs to safety. Its narrow profile allows first responders and other building occupants to ascend or descend staircases during an emergency without interference, and its unique design allows most able-bodied users to assist anyone with mobility impairments or other conditions in need of help with relative ease.


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